HCG Diet Vs other Diets

With so many weight loss diets available in the market today, people are very skeptical about the HCG diet. This is because, there have been many weight loss diets that have promised successful weigh loss but many people have not been able to lose weight on these diets and those who did could not keep the weight off when they stopped the diet. Some of the factors used to determine whether or not a weight loss diet is good are whether they are easy to follow, effective for weight loss and whether or not they have negative effect on health.

The HCG diet vs. other diets comparison has already been done in the past. The first difference that people noticed with the HCG diet is the fact that this diet works on a proven face. This is the fact that HCG hormone works in pregnant women to instruct the body to release nutrients to the fetus. However when used by someone who is not pregnant, the body is instructed to burn more fat. This is a principle that has worked since the 1950. HCG diet is therefore not another FAD diet that promises miraculous weigh loss without explaining how the weight loss will happen.

The other thing that makes the HCG diet different from other weight loss diets is the fact that it does not offer a quick fix to weigh loss. The HCG drops and HCG diet work together to stimulate the hypothalamus to create a new metabolism for the individual. This is very important because a new metabolism enables the person on the diet to burn fat at a faster rate compared to those who are not on the diet. It also enables the person to be able to keep the weight off once they are off the diet. This is not the case with other diets which do not offer a long term solution for weight loss.

The HCG diet is very realistic. This is because in the third and second phase, it requires the patients to lower their caloric intake while taking best HCG drops. This enables them to create an energy deficit that contributed to fat burning capabilities of the body. Other diets on the other hand do not require the person on the diet to adjust their calorie intake. They only allow the person to take certain foods and avoid other foods which may be detrimental on the patient’s health.

Last but not least, the HCG diet is very easy to follow through. The first phase is probably the easiest phase to get by because it only requires the person on the diet to eat as much as they can. However the other two phases are not hard either as they only require reduction in calories and taking the HCG diet. This is a very easy diet compared to some diets that are very exteeme and require you to eat very little than your body can handle. With such diets, it is impossible to keep up with the diet till the end.