Types of Pool Safety Fences in Ocala, FL

Pool fences not only decorate a swimming pool but also act as a safety measure against accidents. They are ideal for both indoor and outdoor pools to families with small children or pets that could stray into the pool. Pool accidents can cause injuries and even death if pool safety is not carefully considered. Although there is no existing pool fence law, it is recommended that families, hotels, and businesses take appropriate measures by installing a pool safety fence. If you have plans of protecting your pool from accidents, here are the different types of pool fencing in Ocala, FL that you can consider.

Bar Fencing Fences

This type of fencing is highly versatile as one can use a material of choice. Aluminum, wood, wrought iron, steel tubes, and vinyl are the common type of materials used. When selecting a material for this kind of pool safety fence, one should pick a material that is not easily damaged. For instance, wrought iron is susceptible to rust. Wood can add color to the pool’s view, but it blocks the pool. Wood also requires constant maintenance against rotting.

These materials mostly require maintenance to protect them from rust and other damaging elements. Similarly, most block the pool’s view which makes unable to see whether a child has strayed into the pool section or not. One has to run around it to be certain. Another safety issue is that these vertical bars are climbable. Children can use furniture to climb over things, and they can sure pull themselves up steel, wood, or vertical aluminum materials.

Glass Panel Fences

This pool fencing type is made through tempered glass. It can, therefore, serve its purpose for an extended period. It is popular among consumers due to its transparent nature and inability to block the natural beauty of the pool from whatever angle. The problem is that this material requires constant cleaning on both sides. If you have a dining table made of glass you have an idea about the high maintenance work this material needs. Moreover, the initial cost of acquiring this type of pool fence is relatively high. The prices can be as much as five times that of alternative pool fencing materials.

Removable Mesh Fences

This type of pool safety fence is popular due to its transparent characteristic, removable, almost zero maintenance cost, low cost, easy to use, and guarantees safety. Due to security concerns, a mesh fence should first be approved by the American Society for Testing and Materials. The mesh fence is convenient to many households since it can be removed at any time, offers an excellent aesthetic value to the pool, and can serve numerous functions. It’s practically impossible for small children to climb over the fence due to its design. They come in different colors which can complement your pool.

These are common types of pool fences. The glass fence has the highest maintenance and cost than all the rest. On the contrary, the removable mesh fence has the lowest maintenance and the least pricey.

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